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Magic Missile

Original entry posted: Thu Jun 27 16:25:27 2013

Matt @ Thu Jun 27 14:01:09 2013 EST

Totally agree on the Death Star formal wear comment. I thought as I was watching "There's no way nobody else has noticed this." Hell, he included R2D2 in the first film. Give the man a Star Wars movie already ... Oh wait.

So the difference between Star Trek, Man of Steel and The Avengers is that the Avengers actually tried to prevent civilian casualties. Marvel superheroes, for the win.

Thomas @ Sat Jun 29 22:58:15 2013 EST

I mean, to some extent, yes the Avengers did try to prevent casualties. On the other hand, I seem to remember a lot of those giant flying things landing on buildings after being punched/shot/electrocuted.

Matt @ Mon Jul 1 09:17:07 2013 EST

But that's after Captain America ordered the police to clear the buildings and evacuate the city past a certain block (I don't remember the specific line, but it's handled as a joke because the police officer says "Who are you?" and ... well, you've seen the movie). In fact, Hawkeye, Black Widow and Captain America work primarily to handle evacuation while Thor, Hulk and Iron Man take on the invaders.

Yeah, there's still a fair amount of disaster porn, but at least it's not handled like Man of Steel, with Superman purposely blowing up gas stations with civilians inside. And no, I don't understand why we like watching things blow up. As we discussed after Iron Man 3, when films boil down to CGI thing punches CGI thing through CGI sets, it just feels cold to me. It's why I have extremely low expectations for Pacific Rim. I firmly believe it's going to disappoint many nerds out there.

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