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I'll Party When I'm Dead An Invincible Robot

Original entry posted: Thu Mar 27 17:28:57 2008

Josh @ Sat Mar 29 16:39:23 2008 EST

Oh I dunno, I think a real comparison between the two is a bit harsh, no? One has basically taken antiquated hardware and some old parlor tricks to convince people that dead alien souls cause all their problems, that psychologists are the reincarnated foot soldiers of the evil alien overlord who killed them and that Tom Cruise isn't a fruitcake. And that's skipping the part about volcanos and DC-7's.

The other believes in AI so advanced that it's well past the point of scientific plausibility. Sure, they both believe that you can be turned into some kind of uberman ... but c'mon ... DC-7's. I'm not saying Kurz isn't off his rocker a bit ... but DC-7's.

I've heard more plausible explanations for the Easter Bunny.

Thomas @ Sun Mar 30 20:15:46 2008 EST

Well, yes. But they're both well beyond a craziness event horizon, and at that point I'm a little unwilling to quantify them.

Although that raises an interesting question: how WOULD someone quantify the level of nuttiness in the average Internet subcultures? What's the unit? The Yiff, perhaps? The Time Cube? Or do we just fall back on that old standard, the Xenu?

I'd propose that if they're not quite equivalent, transhumanism is still at least half a Xenu.

Josh @ Thu Apr 3 16:17:18 2008 EST

That's a good point. It's kinda like a quantum physics question. If one can alter something by observing it, that's one thing - but how does one quantify the utterly unobservable?

There's like an event horizon of insane theories there. One the polite end of the spectrum one can pass it off as faith and the rest requires medication.

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