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Myspace is Terrible: Jealous Rage Edition

Original entry posted: Tue Apr 3 16:23:13 2007

1175622981 @ EST

Tue Apr 3 12:56:21 2007Then I guess it would be terrible if I approved?

pseudonymous @ Tue Apr 3 12:23:13 2007 EST

He's just not that into you?

Panda McGee @ Tue Apr 3 12:48:45 2007 EST

Wait. So he's not your myspace friend?

I don't know how I feel about this.

Thomas @ Tue Apr 3 12:55:33 2007 EST

Nope. He never sent me an invite after all.

Brinstar @ Tue Apr 3 12:59:34 2007 EST

Find out if he has a significant other and friend him/her?

Thomas @ Tue Apr 3 13:06:27 2007 EST

Panda: Ah, you know me, babe. I don't care. As if I thought you were in any danger of running off with the poor man's Daniel Vosovic.

Brin: Ha! Good call.

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