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You've Been Shunned!

Original entry posted: Thu Jun 5 16:17:36 2008

Matt @ Thu Jun 5 14:29:12 2008 EST

That reminds me ... I should delete my MySpace account. They've definitely positioned themselves as the social network for tweens, pedophiles and pedophile tweens.

wheat @ Thu Jun 5 15:04:44 2008 EST

I've really been wanting a "not a fan" option in FaceBook. "Wheat is mos def not a fan of . . . " to go along with that I'm-a-fan feature.

Joining the antisocial network is easy, though. Turn off the computer and don't leave your house. :)

Thomas @ Fri Jun 6 11:56:35 2008 EST

Matt: At least they're not furries.

Wheat: That's so obvious, I'm surprised no-one's done it yet.

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