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White Gold

Original entry posted: Sun Jun 1 12:09:29 2008

Chris P @ Tue Jun 3 13:07:23 2008 EST

There are definitely some Spinal Tap moments in there. Much like the movie, I have a sneaking suspicion that many of the less informed will think this is a real band.

Thomas @ Tue Jun 3 13:14:52 2008 EST

Hey Chris, while you're here, do you still have a link to that friend of yours who bought bonds (I think it was bonds) with his stimulus check? I wanted to plug it here.

Chris P @ Tue Jun 3 22:57:23 2008 EST

Sure, here it is:

Also, check out this article. It has some conspiracy elements that I do not necessarily agree with but it does bring up some good points:

Chris P @ Wed Jun 4 02:40:05 2008 EST

BTW, he is buying silver dollars because he is protesting against the U.S. government merely printing more money and debasing our currency - which will only make things worse - instead of solving the core issues at hand.

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