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Paved Paradise

Original entry posted: Tue Aug 21 17:14:43 2007

Jeff @ Tue Aug 21 14:48:57 2007 EST

What's really funny (and sad) is that I was thinking this right before you revealed it:

"as long as you're on their own terms, they think your time is theirs to waste. But the moment you bring up a few issues of theodicy, they've got somewhere else to be."

No time for skepticism, Dr. Jones!!

wheat @ Wed Aug 22 11:02:19 2007 EST

Repeat after me: a book, is a book, is a book. You can't establish the truth of anything merely because it is printed in a book. If you could, everything written down would be, de facto, true.

A: But it's not an ordinary book, it's the Inspired Word of God(tm).

B: But how do you know it's "inspired"?

A: It says it is!

B: Oy vey.

Lucretius @ Sun Aug 26 13:16:08 2007 EST

Oh ho ho, I used to try to argue with religious types. Boy did I learn how silly that was, and in a hurry. Let me tell you, don't try to be in debate AND be religious. After a while, something snaps. Poor Carly...

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