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What's for dinner (and breakfast, and lunch)

Original entry posted: Thu Apr 13 23:08:45 2006

pseudonymous @ Thu Apr 13 13:56:56 2006 EST

No General Tso's in China?! Insanity!

Thomas @ Thu Apr 13 14:08:52 2006 EST

It's madness, I tell you.

Actually, the whole class of heavy, sweet sauces is largely absent from the cuisine that I had there--although, let's be clear: any experiences that I had in only a month, in a country as big as China, can only be considered anecdotal. It's a big place. Don't ever let me claim some kind of expertise.

pseudonymous @ Thu Apr 13 14:51:54 2006 EST

"Don't ever let me claim some kind of expertise." - Thomas

Heh. Indeed.

belle @ Thu Apr 13 18:52:00 2006 EST

if you go to argentina without me, i will kill you.

Thomas @ Thu Apr 13 19:08:45 2006 EST

Fair enough.

Troy Goodfellow @ Sat Apr 15 16:01:39 2006 EST

I should never have clicked that link. Now I have to order eggs and cheese on top of my steaks.

People will look at me like I'm some kind of idiot.

Thomas @ Mon Apr 17 07:39:54 2006 EST

Not if you order it...


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