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Feel the Illinoise

Original entry posted: Wed Jul 25 22:12:11 2007

Josh @ Thu Jul 26 09:26:59 2007 EST

Hey - welcome to the Windy City. If my life wasn't nothing pure noise and chaos I'd try and hook up. As it is, I'm quitting my job and planning a wedding and so most free time is being spent napping.

If the weather is nice, hit Navy Pier at some point. I highly recommend Riva's - either the bar or resturant depending on budget. You aren't going to be around for the weekend, so you can avoid the tourist mobs.

The Museum Campus is usually worth taking in - especially either the aquarium or Field. Adler can be pretty hit or miss.

Hit to see current events and the like. You might try and see what is happening at either the Green Mill, Green Dolphin or Schuba's on Friday night - often good music to be had there. Quencher's sometimes has good bands too.

In other eat related affairs, we're big fans of Jack's on Halstead, Jane's over in Bucktown and the Webster Wine Bar (Webster and Ashland). Those are slightly pricey however.

Do you have my email from the STOB days?

pseudonymous @ Thu Jul 26 09:56:48 2007 EST

Navy Pier. The Art Institute. Giordano's. Second City.

"Because that's the kind of guy George Clooney is."

Thomas @ Thu Jul 26 09:57:01 2007 EST

Hey, that's great advice. We'll check that stuff out. It looks like the weather's going to be nasty, though.

I don't think I have your e-mail right now--I'm working via PocketPC, so I've only got the last couple months of my inbox, and I never added you to my Outlook contacts. If you send me a note, though, I've got e-mail access.

wheat @ Thu Jul 26 11:00:22 2007 EST

If painting is your thing, the Art Institute of Chicago is worth a visit. There are lots of nice Mies van der Rohe building to see while you're out walking about.

Josh @ Thu Jul 26 12:10:45 2007 EST

Shot you an email to what I think is the right address. Lemme know if you guys need anything.

Chris P @ Thu Jul 26 15:15:13 2007 EST

Make sure to go to Hot Doug's if you get the chance. Chicagoans are known for their hot dogs and these were the best! (Zagat rated too)

I think this review said it best:

"What kind of a hot dog joint has wild game sausage like pheasant, ostrich, venison, and duck topped with exotic ingredients foie gras, gorgonzola, blood orange emulsion, mango salsa and creme fraiche? How does Hot Doug come up with these beautiful combinations AND change the specials menu every week? Expect to wait in line, but if you budget 45 minutes, you will be very satisfied."

Thomas @ Thu Jul 26 18:01:21 2007 EST

Josh: Got your e-mail. If we get any questions, I'll let you know.

Wheat: We just got back from the Art Institute, actually. Saw American Gothic and an amazing show by Josh Wall (I think that was the name).

Chris: We actually walked by a Hot Doug's yesterday, on our way to an absolutely amazing Guatemalan place (El Tinajon). The place was shut down, though.

Chris P @ Thu Jul 26 20:11:10 2007 EST

Really? Ah well. Just eat something tasty and interesting then.

Do Anthony Bourdain proud!


Lucretius @ Fri Jul 27 15:11:27 2007 EST

It's funny, but that looks like one of those pictures where the misses is just tickled pink, and the misster might actually punch the guy holding the camera, who I have deduced is the misster himself! And I felt the need to share this. How sad!

As an aside, go visit my flickrer. I just got my copy of photoshop and am planning to make with more updates! Yay!

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