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Best of Belle's France Photos

Original entry posted: Sun Nov 6 14:51:55 2005

Corvus @ Sat Nov 5 09:27:32 2005 EST

I need to get back to Europe. It's been too long. One day soon I'll hopefully be able to write off portions of it as a business trip.

Don't worry about the facial hair. It takes dedication, patience, and a willingness to suffer periods of minor irritation and inconvenience to sport a handlebar!

Believe it or not, I had to resort to tricks to get my moustache and goatee to grow in with any success.

Thomas @ Sun Nov 6 09:51:55 2005 EST

Hey, I've got a lot more respect for the facially-hirstute now. But it's definitely not for me. I don't have the patience.

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