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Un amour de fromage

Original entry posted: Sun Oct 30 09:43:25 2005

Chan @ Fri Oct 28 10:11:23 2005 EST


Welcome home. From reading yesterday's post, it seems that your trip was excellent. It's been more than 10 years since I've been to Europe and France didn't make the list at the time. Marseilles and Cannes are on my list for a trip, but will likely have to wait until after the Scotland trip... also pending. Again, welcome back to the New World... we're as prude and socially ignorant as ever.

Best, Chan

CorvusE @ Fri Oct 28 10:18:47 2005 EST

Welcome back! Things sucked without you here, but your presence probably wouldn't have changed that. *nirg*

Thomas @ Fri Oct 28 10:29:21 2005 EST


Chan: Made it through the Geneology of Morals yet?

Corvus: Sorry to hear that. I haven't had a chance to hit everyone's respective archives yet--hope everything's okay.

CorvusE @ Sun Oct 30 04:43:25 2005 EST

Oh yeah, everything is fine with me personally.

I meant nationally. Have you noticed how the average citizen doesn't seem to either know about or, if they know, don't much care about the corruption in our current administration, Congress, and Senate?

On a more hopeful note, I had an old conservative crank (with unlit cigar in hand, just waiting for his wife to finish shopping so he could go back outside) stand at my work place last night and together we tore into the current political situation. We saw eye to eye on most everything that was wrong.

Of course, we didn't talk solutions, as I knew that'd get us into some hot water!

Thomas @ Sun Oct 30 22:15:44 2005 EST

Well, at least we've got a couple of Fitzmas indictments. But yeah, Canada looks pretty good somedays--or just staying in France while we'd had the chance. I've always kinda wanted to be an illegal immigrant.

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