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Original entry posted: Tue Dec 20 20:33:09 2005

Brinstar @ Tue Dec 20 15:15:06 2005 EST

I used LiveJournal (and I still do) before Blogger, and I stay with LJ because of the security features and because of the communities. Until Google Blog Search arrived on the scene, most of my posts were public, but then the idea of being so easily searchable on the internets made me paranoid, so my LJ became Friends-Only. At first it felt a little anti-social, but now I kind of like knowing exactly who is able to read my LJ. I also like using LJ's photo hosting so I can make specific pictures viewable to Friends only.

My personality/writing style doesn't differ too much, the subject matter does. I started my gaming blog because I wanted a space apart from LJ to talk about games, and not everyone on my LJ Friends List is a hardcore gamer. I suppose I could have posted gaming stuff in public and reserved the personal stuff for Friends Only, but at the time I was doing a little personal project which compared the features of LJ and Blogger. My Blogger account was going unused, so that was another reason for the game blog.

I loathe MySpace, though. My brother uses MySpace, and he's not an internets type. Since MySpace is the only internet group he belongs to, I was 'forced' to join as well.

Thomas @ Tue Dec 20 15:33:09 2005 EST

I've fought joining MySpace and Friendster, so I know how you feel.

Good comments on your LJ experiences. I think a lot of people probably feel the same way.

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