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Original entry posted: Tue Jan 30 13:09:41 2007

Lucretius @ Mon Jan 29 21:55:06 2007 EST

Powerful might even be an understatement.

I tell people, I met my best friend, Mike, at a forum. I get funny looks and comments that it's creepy. But I really don't see why.

The internet's self-made organization brings common people together on a much larger scale. Now my friends don't have to have similar tastes AND live within 20 miles of me. They just have to share my tastes and own a computer, which is un/surprisingly easier, depending on your vantage.

I dunno, I've traded gifts for holidays, advice in sticky situations, and simply hung out on AIM and such for a while with Mike. There a few people I trust more than him. So what, we met on the internet? People are just socially anal, I think...

Thomas @ Tue Jan 30 08:09:41 2007 EST

There's a Doctorow story that explores something similar to that idea, where people identify with their favorite time zone and not their geographic location. Can't remember the name of it though.

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