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Cult of Second Life

Original entry posted: Tue May 1 09:55:51 2007

Lucretius @ Tue May 1 05:55:51 2007 EST

I'm not a big fan of 'realistic' sim games. I play video games to have fun AND experience something new. Say, shooting up an alien planet to save the universe from the scourge of a lifetime in metroid. Or living up the simple life in a town full of animals in ACWW.

But Sims and Second Life never seemed all that interesting to me. The Sims only caught my attention as an interesting experiment, considering Wright's meticulous nature, but that's it. Entirely objective. I mean, I already live in a world where I look like a 5'11" blond german guy, and have a bad reputation with the oven and wetting myself. I don't need a game to typify that for me from the comfort of my own chair. And I'm certainly not interested in being involved in other people's lives. I've got enough issues with my own. Hell, Second Life isn't even coy about it. It's a second life you've got to live now, as if your first wasn't trouble enough. Bah...

Thomas @ Tue May 1 08:30:58 2007 EST

Be that as it may, they both do have their proponents.

I've never played the Sims, but I understand Belle was hooked on it in college, and she was correspondingly disappointed with the DS version.

Lucretius @ Tue May 1 19:32:34 2007 EST

To be fair, even masochism has its proponents. :-P

Sims is very much so a computer game. Simply, there's too much to see for the DS's tiny screen to handle. A direct port wouldn't work, and anything would feel wrong to the fans. Tis a pity, but I supposed I'd care more if I cared. (yes that sounds just as stupid as I meant for it to sound).

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