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The Flux Capacitor

Original entry posted: Wed Oct 3 16:41:29 2007

Troy Goodfellow @ Wed Oct 3 09:57:33 2007 EST

I'm terrible about staying in touch with people. I don't like the phone and I lose email addresses, and Xmas cards are a lot of work.

So when a college friend I occasionally do email persuaded me to join Facebook, it was great. All of a sudden I could follow the lives of people I loved dearly fifteen years ago. And we fell easily into the old patterns of scolding, mocking and sympathetic hearing.

Another plus, a lot of my former students have found me, so I can watch them go through college like an anxious uncle.

But yeah, there are lots of superficial connections here. People I haven't thought of in a decade suddenly want to talk about why I haven't become the all-powerful person everyone expected or why I have moved to the US. People who didn't even think enough about me to know that I have been married for over a decade. What do they expect to learn about me now? And why should they care?

Lucretius @ Wed Oct 3 18:38:38 2007 EST

Okay! Jeez, T. I'm SORRY. I've been busy, I know I haven't been keeping up. No need to go and make up some silly story like this just to get me to notice. Gawd. Tone down the ego! Maybe THIS is why I don't wanna hang out with you anymore. It's all about you! Jerk! I hate you! I never want to see you again!

And of course, I am terrible not only at keeping up but making jokes. Rats. Anyway, I got an e-mail the other day from an old high school chum and I must say, it was weird. It's like to different worlds that should NEVER touch. What I do here should have no impact on out there, and vice versa. Which is ridiculous since it's all the same (my life), but it's a common and seemingly natural notion among my peers here as well. If I'm an ass in real life or in the webernet I can get a new slate one way or the other, and those should be separate. One's going to be the better experience (unless you're just a social wiz-kid) and you don't want it to be contaminated by the other. Like not wanting you're girlfriend to meet your family. Either you want to hide the fact she's a freak but the sex is good or that they're the epitome of dysfunction.

I suppose it just means I need to live all my life a little better.

PS: LOADS of new stuff in my flickrings. Go enjoy!

Thomas @ Thu Oct 4 06:55:22 2007 EST

Troy: That's a great example of how these things can work in the right circumstances. And to be fair, Facebook has also been a good way for me to keep in touch with college forensics teammates. I'm not criticizing the tool, just noting that it does serve both types of interaction.

Luc: I guess I was desensitized to the separation between on- and off-line. I spent most of high school using e-mail instead of a cell phone with my friends.

I dig the crows--a nice change from the jumping self-portraits. It's a bit Dave McKean-ish, I think, in the use of texture.

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