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The Red Rose

Original entry posted: Thu Dec 18 16:56:39 2008

That Fuizzy Bastard @ Thu Dec 18 16:17:01 2008 EST

I don't know what's better---the gratuitous Rhett and Scarlett images on top, or the radically inconsistent are they buttons? are they pictures? design.

Thomas @ Thu Dec 18 23:04:20 2008 EST

I like the paragraphs of dark pink script font on the light pink background in a GIF at the bottom of the page, myself. Classy. I can't think of why that ever went out of style.

Thomas @ Thu Dec 18 23:19:36 2008 EST

I just opened it in IE to show Belle the video tour. It has AUTO-PLAYING EMBEDDED SOUND FILES. And some of them are MIDI FILES.

To the webmaster: well played, sir.

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