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An Unholy Trinity

Original entry posted: Sat Oct 21 01:40:23 2006

Chris P @ Fri Oct 20 21:40:23 2006 EST,8599,1548892,00.html

"Ford's open appeal to Republicans, which relies largely on conservative discontent with the Washington status quo, appears to be working. Conservative East Tennessee columnist Frank Cagle endorses sending Ford to the Senate as a way of holding Republicans responsible for their shortcomings and broken promises."

I agree with Goldberg and see "little hope for the future." Closely studying Ford's campaign strategy reveals that he is using homophobia and Christian Nationalism to his advantage. While I disagree with this on a personal level, he would get killed if he ran a farther left campaign in Tennessee. Even Jim Webb is employing some of these strategies with some success (alhough George Allen is killing himself in the polls really with his inane comments). While it is morally wrong, it would put the Democrats in a better position to take us out of the Iraq war.

While I know you don't want our goal to be unity under a racist, homophobic, Christian compromise, the problem is that if Republicans continue to stay in power, there would be even more legislation similar to the Patriot Act and ACTIVE efforts to repeal abortion rights and the placing of ultra conservatives to the Supreme Court.

Chris @ Fri Oct 20 21:59:08 2006 EST

Here is another Times article (yes, I am bored tonight).,8599,1548184,00.html

Thomas @ Fri Oct 20 22:02:49 2006 EST

But I think my point is that Democrats will not enter power while they continue to be viewed as ineffective, agendaless simps.

Look, don't get me wrong. I fully endorse winning by any means necessary right now. And in contested districts, being near-Republican clones may be the only option. But it is not a winning national strategy. It will not work in places that don't have a George Allen to trip all over themselves. Moreover, it will lose the support of the base, the people that we cannot afford to lose.

The Republicans won last election because they got their base out to vote. Goldberg makes that quite clear, as does Rabinowitz, and as did the values results. We were unprepared for churchgoers who materialized via grassroots support. And we cannot win those people over, no matter what we do.

What we need to do is get our base up and moving again, the same way that the Republicans have done. And that requires a bold strategy that distinguishes us from the conservatives--in other words: a willingness to say, "Yeah, we're liberals. We want you to be healthy, and we want your kids out of Iraq. You got a problem with that?"

Chris P @ Fri Oct 20 23:15:17 2006 EST

Well said.

I pretty much agree with what you said there. The number one priority is they need a solid agenda instead of offering no real alternatives. If the Democrats want to win over Christians, while still appealing to its base, they should play up the liberal themes in the Bible (i.e. helping the sick, poor, and disinfranchised, etc). I am sure they could dig up some scripture that says war is wrong...

Thomas @ Fri Oct 20 23:23:46 2006 EST

Come on, we've been there and done that. John Kerry practically covered himself in crosses and bathed in holy water.

We'll never win over the Christians. All the ones that would have voted for Democrats already are, because they are the ones who actually read the Bible and realized that the whole New Testament basically equals "give to the poor." The rest of them think Jesus was a kind of Jewish Rambo, kicking ass for the Lord and unborn children and heterosexuality. Give up on those people. They're loons. We might stand a chance with the kind of conservatives who idolize even nutcases like Goldwater and Nixon, but the Left Behind/Millenial Dispensationalist crowd? Not bloody likely.

Thomas @ Fri Oct 20 23:29:03 2006 EST

Also, I forgot: We can't appeal to fundamentalists by reminding them that New Testament God wasn't really big on war. Remember that they are looking forward to war, because they think that Jesus will appear again when the nukes go off. It's part of the whole rapture index. This is also why we cannot compromise with them: their views of policy are insane for those of us who do not believe in the time of tribulation.

Chris P @ Sat Oct 21 00:49:34 2006 EST

Ahh, I see...people are even crazier than I thought.

Anyway, before I go, here is a very interesting article that summarizes the complete incompetence of this administration and their attempt at "counterterrorism." Plus, I figure this is something your readers should know.

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