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Damned if you do

Original entry posted: Fri May 20 20:53:36 2005

belle @ Fri May 20 13:54:40 2005 EST

Jerry Jenkins (the primary writer--Tim LaHaye is the "religious consultant," another travesty all together) combines these two flaws into a nexus of Suck unequalled through known history.

Oh my god. That sentence made me want to die. Good job!

Sorry, I'm really trying not to comment every single time but you're just too witty and smart. It's all your damn fault.

Thomas @ Fri May 20 13:57:49 2005 EST

Glad you liked it. You're making me blush over here.

Thomas @ Fri May 20 14:02:22 2005 EST

Actually, while we're narcissistically feeding my ego, the last couple days I've been trying a more aggressive style of writing--more Wolcott and less AP. I'm glad to hear that it's working and not just coming across as Doug Giles hipsterism.

belle @ Fri May 20 15:16:38 2005 EST

Right on! Because I TOTALLY know who Wolcott and Doug Giles are.


Thomas @ Fri May 20 16:11:25 2005 EST

What, is your google broken?


Madmunk @ Fri May 20 16:32:47 2005 EST

I'm going to have to post on this at some point... but until then, COMMENTS!

Having read Jeff Walker's "The Ayn Rand Cult," I am convinced that, despite her atheism, Rand and the religious right are united in maintaining a deluded fundamentalism, which believes in the literal truth of a given text. To a Randian, "Atlas Shrugged" isn't simply a novel; it's a collection of mantras you wash your hair with so rinse and repeat, little objectivists. Wash that government out of your hair! The Bible isn't just a book to a Christian; it's the word of God (despite the fact that Jesus is revealed in John 1 as the incarnate Logos - the Bible is the new golden calf, but that's another post and a half). This requires a literalism that requires every inconvenient metaphor to be interpreted away.

Rand and God mean what they say and say only what they mean. Indoctrinated in this way, it's little wonder that metaphor, allegory, irony - the very stuff of literature - completely escapes the Left Behind authors.

smarty mcsmartsypants @ Fri May 20 16:53:36 2005 EST

i do not believe in your newfangled "google" systems!

Thomas @ Mon May 23 13:48:39 2005 EST

Madmunk: one might wonder, actually, about the ties between a person who needs a constrained fundamentalist viewpoint and the "liberatarian" philosophy of Rand's followers. Is it possible that both have their roots in the same kind of autistic tendencies?

After all, many technical workers, who are comfortable in a digital, rulebound system, also turn out to be libertarians. Perhaps the same inflexibility that makes them more comfortable with machines than people prevents them from wrapping their minds around more ambigous texts.

Thomas @ Mon May 23 13:49:42 2005 EST

With that said, it's amusing to me that when I was looking for support for this comment system, one of the web pages that most consistently appeared in searches was "Techs 4 Jesus."

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