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Original entry posted: Fri Sep 29 15:14:11 2006

pseudonymous @ Fri Sep 29 11:14:11 2006 EST

I remember tagging along to a Young Life meeting in high school where they pointed to the Timothy passage. You could see the revelation course through the room followed by a tremendous collective sigh of relief - "See? It IS true. Says so right there. End of story."

Josh @ Fri Sep 29 14:11:26 2006 EST

Clearly God proves you wrong.

Johnny Pi @ Sat Sep 30 10:00:24 2006 EST

Slacktivist is probably the only overtly-religious blog I read. He always manages to connect Christian concepts to the real world in all its messy splendor and never pulls punches. The Left Behind Fridays are great, and don't come often enough.

As for what the Dominionists are going to do with us . . . I think they're already doing it. Little by little.

As the Left Behind malarkey shows, they're itching for a "final" conflict, and will do anything and everything to make sure it happens. Or, rather, that something happens, something big and irreversible.


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