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The Folly of Empire

Original entry posted: Wed Nov 15 23:22:45 2006

Johnny Pi @ Sun Nov 12 18:59:09 2006 EST

As soon as I heard about this game I thought, "Wait. Didn't he write the script for that turd Advent Rising?" And yes, yes he did. I enjoy a lot of his works, but soured after trying to read one of the Ender cash-in novellas - the worst thing I'd read since The Tenth Insight (sequel to the Celestine Prophecy). I'm not really concerned with how much of a douchebag he is, or supposed Hitler apologias (well, unless he actually comes out in support of Hitler, then I might avoid his novels). But yeah, this game premise sounds awful. Why doesn't he just rename Malek to Carville? Either way, I'm sure it will diss populist sentiment and include some dippy Mormon theology. I guess, at best, it'll just be a weak plea to conventional wisdom centrism.

Actually, the whole premise of the game is bogus to me. Red-state/blue-state exists mostly as a hinge for strategizing wedge issues and pretending that modern-day conservatism has more power than it actually does.

Thomas @ Mon Nov 13 07:49:15 2006 EST

The premise is, as far as I can tell, one of those things that many hard-right extremists take for granted. The idea that there will be a war between Americans--whether racial, or in this case, political--is a pretty classic paranoid fantasy. It feeds a culture of authoritarianism, and also relates to a number of other political positions, such as the right to bear many, many dangerous weapons "for protection." Jokes like and the Jesusland map aside, what we're seeing is a form of eliminationism mostly unique to right-wing authoritarians: only in this case, it's casting liberals and political opposition as "invaders" to be repelled by force.

I think Card is falling prey to the same kind of paranoia. Given his Mormon upbringing and the particularly bloody history of that religion, plus his history for moral slipperiness, we shouldn't really be surprised.

Luke the Retius of us... @ Wed Nov 15 18:22:45 2006 EST

Wow, it's the political version of the odd couple! (a concept that has indeed been done to death. Take 'Trading Spouses' as the epitome) And considering his new concern for the happy ending, this'll just be some awful mutant emo/bubble-gum fantasy. The reason I initially enjoyed 'Ender' as a kid was because I was so used to happy endings that the dimsal story of this fucked-up kid's life was mind-bogglingly refreshing. Now he tossed out the first and last aspect of his writing I liked. Besides, why would politics have a happy ending? Hell, how does he even plan to end polictics?!

Also, I see this conciliator as nothing but a walking lie. While I don't think anyone should be forced into one party or another (I know I didn't vote that way in the midtaculars) speaking both sides means lying to someone half the time your talking. That sounds like great dry politicle anit-satire! Just what we need to reunite the nation!

Time to dig a hole and live in it, Mr. Card...

Thomas @ Thu Nov 16 07:46:49 2006 EST

Yeah, the conciliator bit is dishonest--at best, that character is a strategic liar, and at worst it feeds into the impression of liberals as mealy-mouthed pacifists.

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