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Ubik With Us

Original entry posted: Mon Apr 9 17:24:38 2007

Corvus @ Mon Apr 9 12:13:26 2007 EST

Hm. That's one I haven't read yet. I should correct that oversight.

...and speaking of things Phildickian, you may appreciate this blog: Total Dick Head.

Thomas @ Mon Apr 9 12:21:00 2007 EST

Interesting. I dig the cover-of-the-day feature. PKD's work is so strange, it's interesting to see how the artists approach it.

Josh @ Mon Apr 9 13:15:03 2007 EST

Wikipedia is a marvelous thing - I had no idea there was a Ubik videogame.

Panda McGee @ Mon Apr 9 13:24:38 2007 EST


Thomas @ Mon Apr 9 13:29:08 2007 EST

Some of us aren't done snickering, I see.

How sad that the game looks like a bad Syndicate clone.

Lucrettius @ Mon Apr 9 21:29:51 2007 EST

Not sure if this rubs anyone the wrong way, but go try Spaceland. I liked it. Kinda akward in ways, yet strangely good. Or I have poor taste, which is a given anyway.

Thomas @ Tue Apr 10 08:07:16 2007 EST

Rucker usually annoys me, but I'll keep an eye out for it.

Lucretius @ Tue Apr 10 09:16:24 2007 EST

I could definitly see him comming off as annoying. To be fair, I read the book after reading Flatland and doing some reading on 4th dimensional theories. Might have been the math high I was on...

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