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Digital Bookshelf: Grim Edition

Original entry posted: Wed Jun 16 16:33:11 2010

That Fuzzy Bastard @ Thu Jun 17 17:35:56 2010 EST

Very much enjoying these book reviews? Have you read "Perfecting Sound Forever" yet? That was great, and seems right up your alley. I also just finished, and really enjoyed "McMafia"; despite the unfortunate title, and a true-but-hectoring rant about drug legalization, the research is terrific.

Thomas @ Fri Jun 18 00:11:19 2010 EST

McMafia is still sitting in my "partials" folder on the Kindle. I think I got ~150 pages in, and then realized I was having to force myself to continue. I might go back to it at some point.

Good recommendation on Perfecting Sound Forever, but I'll probably wait until the digital price drops to Not Insane Dollars before I pick it up.

That Fuzzy Bastard @ Fri Jun 18 10:33:29 2010 EST

Ah, really? I found McMafia quite the page turner! Perhaps because I was in Russian in '92-'93, so it was like a peek behind the curtain on all the stuff I knew was happening but didn't know the details of. Plus the story about the Russian hacker edition of Windows Vista was just too great to miss.

I think you'll enjoy PSF too---it's just the kind of conceptual thinking about music that you seem to dig. I've been rediscovering the joys of the Brooklyn Public Library system of late, though, so price was not such an issue for me.

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