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Baby Teeth

Original entry posted: Mon Sep 26 18:01:40 2005

mykel @ Mon Sep 26 14:01:40 2005 EST

Very, very funny indeed. It makes me wonder, do many script writers compose a script in a satirical fashion to cover more bases?

What I mean is, if the movie is supposed to be scary, will the writer make it incredibly cheesy so it 1) plays off the same old things that make people jump in the movies, while 2) at the same time bringing in the "so bad it's funny" factor, so more people will enjoy it?

Thomas @ Mon Sep 26 14:26:46 2005 EST

I'm guessing you haven't seen Darkness Falls, because the problem with it is that it fails on BOTH those fronts. It neither uses the horror efficiently (too much cheap CG) nor is incompetent enough to be fun (intentional or not). There was so much potential, so terribly wasted.

I mean, honestly, the tooth fairy? There's creepy Tim Burton territory there just waiting to be used, if someone was just ambitious enough to go for it.

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