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Resistance Is Character Forming

Original entry posted: Fri Sep 8 00:22:43 2006

Lucretius @ Thu Sep 7 20:22:43 2006 EST

I'm so torn between "I Blame Your Mother" and "I Blame My Mother." Although I'm struck by the near-laughable wieght of "Ravished By The Sheer Implausibility Of That Last Statement" both in what it doesn't quite imply and the obvious size. Genius. I'll definitly check this all out myself. Ever read "Ender's Game" and would I be the only one who didn't like the rest of the series?

Thomas @ Thu Sep 7 20:51:13 2006 EST

There are lots of people who read Enders Game and then found themselves gradually discomforted. The fact that OSC is completely insane doesn't help.

There is also some contention that Ender's Game was ghostwritten by someone else, which explains a lot. But that theory also holds that it is a crypto-bio of Hitler.

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