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It was just a suggestion

Original entry posted: Thu Nov 30 16:33:59 2006

Josh @ Wed Nov 29 15:04:24 2006 EST

That sound was the last modicum of respect I had for OSC dying.

Lukeretius @ Wed Nov 29 16:55:42 2006 EST

What sou-?


...oh. That sound.

I'll say what I told my brother about congress once. "It's an indescribable stupidity. The minute you can come to terms with it well enough to put it into words, you're too close and risk infection. Just close your eyes and shoot it." We were young rebels back then, ah the good times... ;-)

Thomas @ Thu Nov 30 07:51:19 2006 EST

You know, I am looking forward to the movie, though. "Arnold Schwartzenegger is: Rueben Malich!" "GET DOWN!"

Lukeretius @ Thu Nov 30 11:33:59 2006 EST

Hell I'd love to see the guy try to spew his lines. Maybe it'll act as an acting double-negative and the film will rock the nation. Or it'll just suck twice as much. Either, way...good times...

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