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Original entry posted: Thu Nov 6 13:19:01 2008

peterb @ Thu Nov 6 11:08:42 2008 EST

Stephenson is an embarassingly bad writer. My favorite part is how the man will write 1,000 pages, and then in the last three pages say to himself "Oh, shit. I can't write endings. Ummm. There was a car chase! A SHOT RANG OUT. The end!"

In other words, he's sort of the Linux of authors: loved by many, bloated and overweight, but ultimately incompetent and impotent.

Thomas @ Thu Nov 6 11:40:59 2008 EST

Sadly, if he didn't draw so much attention to it with such long books, that probably wouldn't be so obvious. I mean, William Gibson can't write decent endings either, but nobody gives a damn because his prose is so much better.

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