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Walk Without Rhythm

Original entry posted: Fri May 8 16:28:18 2009

Chris @ Tue May 12 03:52:20 2009 EST

How very strange... you posted this three days after my Dune piece for the Religion in Science Fiction serial:

Since I'm pretty sure you don't read my blog, this is just one of those bizarre events that materialists dismiss as "coincidence" and the mystically minded brand as "synchronicity". :D

In going back to Dune for this serial, I was struck by the extent that Jessica is in many ways the protagonist of the novel, even though it is ostensibly positioned as Paul.

Best wishes!

Thomas @ Tue May 12 08:12:49 2009 EST

Huh. Weird.

Yes, Jessica definitely has more of a role than most summaries of Dune would indicate. It's a shame that she basically vanishes for the remainder of the series--but then, after the first book (and certainly after the first three), they go downhill fast.

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