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Wright Off

Original entry posted: Tue Jun 24 22:49:30 2008

Matt @ Wed Jun 25 09:35:53 2008 EST

Thanks for ruining Sins for me! Just kidding. I could never hate that game.

My problem is that I can't separate some actors from their overly publicized personal lives. I can't watch anything with Tom Cruise without thinking about how he's a Scientologist and crazy. Same goes for John Travolta. However, Beck is a Scientologist and I'll still buy his albums.

Thomas @ Wed Jun 25 11:00:30 2008 EST

Ah, but in those two cases it's not their politics you object to. It's their credibility that's been undermined by their craziness.

I was thinking along the lines of, say, Bruce Willis. Obviously not going to pull the same voting lever as I am. But that doesn't mean I'm going to stop enjoying Die Hard.

Matt @ Thu Jun 26 09:28:32 2008 EST

True. I still like Bruce Willis even after Hudson Hawk.

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