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The Late Mr. Xiang's Lunch Break

Original entry posted: Tue Jul 12 20:33:38 2005

nadia the hamster @ Tue Jul 12 16:05:21 2005 EST

nice, babe. yet ANOTHER unfortunate bus accident!

Thomas @ Tue Jul 12 16:19:31 2005 EST

Originality is highly overrated.

noogums @ Tue Jul 12 16:32:24 2005 EST

oh, i hope that didn't sound like i was making fun of you! (no, really, for once i wasn't.) i enjoyed this.

Thomas @ Tue Jul 12 16:33:38 2005 EST

More flattery, or your comment privileges are revoked!

noogie noogs @ Tue Jul 12 17:08:49 2005 EST

are you sure? because i could really embarrass you, if you wanted.

Thomas @ Tue Jul 12 17:15:31 2005 EST

...on second thought, your privileges are probably safe as it is.

Carry on, people. Nothing to see here.

anonymous @ Wed Jul 13 11:48:03 2005 EST


you two are just precious.

great story by the way. got more of these hit by a bus tales? i mean, the possibilities are awesome: an emperor crushed into the plebeian dust they so despised by the weight of a prole-stuffed double-decker, cold metrobus justice catches up with an adulterous spouse, a city councilman who consistently votes against public transportation funding finally catches a bus across his face.

the irony is too perfect.

anonymous @ Wed Jul 13 11:49:42 2005 EST

"too" perfect? how can something be too perfect? that's like being really unique or sort of pregnant.

Thomas @ Wed Jul 13 12:26:02 2005 EST

Or maybe too anonymous.

pseudonymous @ Wed Jul 13 15:15:50 2005 EST

touche, salesman.

Thomas @ Wed Jul 13 16:20:37 2005 EST

Must be all that handsome cream you've been using.

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