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Sometimes I wonder

Original entry posted: Tue Sep 13 18:44:33 2005

Corvus @ Tue Sep 13 09:52:29 2005 EST

Not a story, but short...

[noir]He moved for his gun, so I plugged him. The bullet hit him in the shoulder, spreading a dark red stain on his jacket, like a donut hole for meat.[/noir]

Thomas @ Tue Sep 13 09:59:20 2005 EST

Hm. I gotta say, that's way different from what I was thinking. Excellent!

Corvus @ Tue Sep 13 14:44:33 2005 EST

It could be about a food obsessive detective who has trouble not thinking about food during times of high stress.

And sort of a parody of the Thin Man books at the same time!

Thomas @ Tue Sep 13 15:16:56 2005 EST

Only if he eats as much as Nick and Nora Charles drinks. We'd have to call it The Fat Man.

And I think Jake's already got that covered.

pseudonymous @ Tue Sep 13 16:54:27 2005 EST

Jake and the Fat Man was awesome.

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