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With Not-So-Great Power

Original entry posted: Thu Jun 23 20:58:41 2005

Madmunk @ Thu Jun 23 16:43:46 2005 EST

Can you move things with your mind?


Do you have adamantium claws?


Could you destroy the world with a single thought?

Gee I hope not. That's where I put all my stuff.

There is definitely something to your clever little tale. Good stuff.

Thomas @ Thu Jun 23 16:58:41 2005 EST


On a semi-related note, am I the only one who found The Incredibles to be a little disturbing, thematically?

Madmunk @ Thu Jun 23 21:05:54 2005 EST

No, you're not. I heard the ghost of Ayn Rand calling out from the depths. I was disturbed.

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