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The City and the City

Original entry posted: Fri May 29 17:56:04 2009

Jeff @ Fri May 29 13:18:48 2009 EST

This is a strange coincidence! I had just added this to my list of books to read, after reading a post about it on io9.

Thomas @ Fri May 29 13:52:19 2009 EST

I wanted to write about it while it was still fresh, and to be one of the crowd.

Have you read Mieville before, or would this be your first time? Curious to hear what you'd think, if so.

Jeff @ Fri May 29 13:54:13 2009 EST

It would be my first. I'm a Mieville virgin. I may pick it up today if they have it at B&N (on the way to see 'DRAG ME TO HELL'. Sorry, I'm a bit excited about seeing a new lower-budget flick from Sam Raimi.

Thomas @ Fri May 29 13:57:21 2009 EST

Yes, I noticed your ALL CAPS EXCLAMATION OF JOY earlier. And really, who wouldn't be excited?

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