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Original entry posted: Tue Sep 9 16:37:02 2008

Matt @ Tue Sep 9 14:04:01 2008 EST

Neal Stephenson's Baroque Cycle is awesome if you stick with it. ("System of the World" is the name of the third book, not the trilogy). I agree it's a challenging read -- especially if you're like me and you're not familiar with minute details of European history -- but I consider the books my favorite out of everything he's written.

Let me know what you think of "Anathem." I'm trying not to spend money right now.

Thomas @ Tue Sep 9 14:12:37 2008 EST

I'm psychologically incapable of referring to anything as a "cycle" no matter how many pages are in it. The fact that he needed a fancy name for those wandering monstrosities only underscores how dead they are to me.

I've got to try to finish a Jeff Vandermeer book, and then I'll start on Anathem. I'm sure I'll have a review or at least a snide remark or something.

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