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Digital Bookshelf: Rainy Season Edition

Original entry posted: Thu Mar 1 23:55:38 2012

Matt @ Fri Mar 2 06:58:10 2012 EST

The "rainy season"? Isn't that called a "year" in Seattle? :) All kidding aside, I agree on The Oatmeal. He occasionally cracks me up with clips like The State of the Web and The Bobcats, but most of the time it's just juvenile poop humor. So yeah, Reddit.

That Fuzzy Bastard @ Sun Mar 18 07:34:04 2012 EST

A note on Morrison: Totally inconsistent, yeah, and way full of himself---like Spike Lee, I like his output more than his interviews, so I avoided his book---but very good when he's good. I recommend THE INVISIBLES and SEAGUY if you'd like to see what the fuss is really about.

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