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Monster Island, by David Wellington

Original entry posted: Tue Jul 11 22:20:52 2006

Patrick @ Tue Jul 11 15:43:37 2006 EST

I think a well done simulation of zombie epidemiology would make the basis for an interesting game.

Incidentally I'm working on a game set in Ireland involving celtic themes, so I'd appreciate your input on walking the line between pulp and geeky adoration.

Thomas @ Tue Jul 11 16:11:29 2006 EST

Any is too much. Americans with Kiss Me I'm Irish t-shirts have ruined the emerald island for the rest of us--and I say that as someone of Scotch-Irish ancestry.

You know what would be really awesome? A game that used African or South American theology. Especially in a lot of shamanic contexts. Force the player to curry favor and beg for divine help according to the whims of an inhuman personification.

Patrick @ Tue Jul 11 18:20:52 2006 EST

I'm interested in both shamistic traditions and could very well make a game about them. However, I think theres more marketability in the Irish setting. The real issue is that the interface is intrinsically tied to the Ogham language, it wouldn't make sense in another context, and designing a linguistic interface for a drama game thats intuitive involves two non-trivial problems at once.

The game will involve animistic/shamanistic concepts as core to the gameplay though, so even if the wrapper turns you off, it'll be basically the same. Christians will be the bad guys. ;)

Speaking of which, Thomas, for a liberal you certainly tend to go for all or nothing thinking.

Thomas @ Wed Jul 12 00:01:12 2006 EST

Hyperbole's a hell of a device.

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