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Feast of Famine

Original entry posted: Thu Oct 26 11:24:00 2006

Lucretius @ Thu Oct 26 07:24:00 2006 EST

I've always enjoyed the idea of the metaphysical and even mythical comming in contact with a human, whether that person starts the relationship with a particularily deep frame of mind, or the interaction is what drives him to deeper ideas. Either way, it's a fine set-up to try to answer the more important questions and thoughts regarding those big questions we're not "capable" of even considering. It's a great diving board to realized philosophy. Reminds me of the Sandman comics, er, "graphic novels." I could see this screenplay falling right in line with them, even being a comic on it's own. The frame work of the comic is so perfect for visualising these kinds of less than tangible ideas.

Anyway, nicely written, I'd love to read it all!

Thomas @ Thu Oct 26 08:40:59 2006 EST

Nah, you really wouldn't. It's got a lot of flaws, blatant plot telegraphing, and mostly isn't to the (admittedly low) standards I keep today. A lot of it comes across as a ripoff of Good Omens. There are just a few bits I still like. But thanks for the compliment!

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