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The Bounty Man

Original entry posted: Fri Jan 6 15:39:46 2006

pseudonymous @ Fri Jan 6 10:39:46 2006 EST

Let's see, what have we here?A quote with no context from the middle of a book I've yet to read! How delightfully cryptic.

I like the image created by the last line, but huh?

Thomas @ Fri Jan 6 10:43:52 2006 EST

I just liked the way it read. Especially the last line. It was that kind of day, yesterday.

pseudonymous @ Fri Jan 6 11:17:05 2006 EST

Figured you just must have liked it.

I'm loving Mieville for just that kind of thing. I have to find the lines in Perdido that made me stop and reread the way that last line reads.

"...and the bondsman kills him and his weapons eat the corpse."

You read that and you think, "So he's dead. Wha? 'The weapons eat the corpse?' Whoa."

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