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Holiday Lights

Original entry posted: Wed Nov 26 15:10:26 2008

That Fuzzy Bastard @ Wed Nov 26 11:41:30 2008 EST


The first Xbox I bought, as a birthday present for myself, was busted out of the box too---MS's lack of hardware experience just keeps showing.

I haven't red-ringed... yet. I keep hoping buying an Elite will save me, but I'm less-than-confident it weill. Here's praying...

Thomas @ Wed Nov 26 11:47:29 2008 EST

To be honest, I've been kind of surprised at how high the numbers for unreliable 360s have been. After all, it's not like Microsoft doesn't make a line of very highly-respected mice, keyboards, and other hardware. Granted, a console's an order of magnitude more complicated, but still.

Josh @ Wed Nov 26 13:22:01 2008 EST

I have to offer a more reserved comment now that my PS3 has bricked, of course, but I'm still of the opinion that the 360 is way overdue for a serious hardware rev (more than the Elite).

Hopefully it was under warranty and you can get it back for the holidays...

Thomas @ Wed Nov 26 13:27:01 2008 EST

A box is on the way. It should be back in a month, I think. I don't expect it before Christmas, though.

I'm trying to look at it in a positive light. It's a chance to catch up on my PC gaming--Darwinia, Giants, Fallout. Maybe get back into TF2, or finally beat that gigantic Sins game I've abandoned.

That Fuzzy Bastard @ Wed Nov 26 17:06:23 2008 EST

Several orders more complicated, I'd say! Not least because none of those peripherals have processors or graphics cards, which means no heat issues, which means nearly unlimited design options. I have no grounds for saying this beyond my own suspicions, but I suspect MS is the kind of place where some marketing muckety-muck strides into the room and says "make it look like this" and when the engineers protest, he glowers and threatens to have them all fired.

Thomas @ Wed Nov 26 17:52:46 2008 EST

Actually, in most cases, I suspect no-one at Microsoft does that--hence the design of the original XBox, for example.

This time, if Takahashi's reporting is correct, that's almost exactly what happened. And therein lies the problem.

The engineers there aren't stupid people. But their goal was to rush out a product and to have it fit a set of goals beyond that of the original console--small, sleek, not built from tested, off-the-shelf parts.

The best part of the 360, no question, is the software, which is (in my opinion) way better than its competitors. I wish they'd realized that and built the hardware accordingly, instead of trying for high marks in design on both. People who were going to get particular about the physical design weren't going to buy anything from Microsoft anyway. Nobody else, judging from the package surrounding the average DVD player, was going to give a damn.

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