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Original entry posted: Wed May 9 14:11:32 2007

Josh @ Tue May 8 09:54:54 2007 EST

I greatly doubt it's artifical. I don't buy the "percieved demand increases sales" theory. I didn't buy it when people were accusing MS of it either.

Aside from my normal "I don't have no HD" argument - here's what's keeping me from next gen:

Wii - lack of supply and titles means it's not really worth the premium to go to an auction house for one.

360 - Microsoft is just going to issue another rev. And then maybe another one. My guess is that the 360 has built in buyer's remorse right now.

PS3 - Not enough Blu Ray movie titles, not enough appealing game titles, lackluster backwards compatibility.

Thomas @ Tue May 8 11:09:10 2007 EST

We just got an HD TV, thanks to some extra cash from my trip to Belgium. So the 360 Elite was actually what tempted me--I don't have anything using HDMI, and I find it tantalizing on a purely because-its-there level. I guess I could use the VGA from the original 360, if I wanted, and that's not much more than the Wii at auction prices. But other than Gears of War, there's not a lot of must-buy for me--I don't have time to really do multiplayer right, I think.

The PS3 doesn't interest me at all. I never bought Memory Stick, I'll be damned if I'm going to buy Blu-Ray.

That Fuzzy Bastard @ Tue May 8 12:16:56 2007 EST

I definitely don't buy that Nintendo is artificially limiting supply---this far out, it just doesn't make sense, and if it were artificial, it would've been easy to reverse it before now.

Instead, I think what we've seen is Nintendo getting bitten (albeit not that hard) by their own cautiousness. Remember when the DS came out, and they were loudly proclaiming that this would *not* replace the Game Boy, that there would be another Game Boy, and so on? They were hedging their bets, so that if the DS flopped, they could easily go back to cruising on the GBA's (deserved) success.

Similarly, I think that even after E3, Nintendo wasn't really sure people would go for the Wii, and thought that even if they did, it'd be a slow build---a few fans would buy it, their friends would like it, and gradually sales would spread as they slowly ramped up production. The enormous success just caught them totally off-guard, and now they're scrambling to meet much higher-than-expected demand.

Thomas @ Tue May 8 13:16:03 2007 EST

Good points.

Still, more than six months after launch this is still pretty crazy.

Not that I know anything about their manufacturing chain.

Josh @ Wed May 9 10:11:32 2007 EST

Well the rumors on the Elite is that when it sold out of it's first run, MS would collapse the SKU line and it would see serious price reduction.

I don't know if that makes any sense, however, unless they also swap out the chip manufacturing and a couple other things.

There's a better 360 around the corner - or Microsoft isn't looking around the right corners.

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