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Brave New Wargame

Original entry posted: Tue May 5 18:21:00 2009

Aaron @ Tue May 5 15:22:38 2009 EST

I am intrigued. Will add the book to my list. Would you consider lending your brain to the design or development of a 4GW game?

Thomas @ Tue May 5 15:28:34 2009 EST

I'd consider it, I guess.

One kind of exists: A Force More Powerful is the nonviolence trainer/simulator to accompany the movie and book of the same name. It is, however, kind of idiosyncratic. Perhaps due to the subject matter, I think it suffers from a poor player feedback mechanism--although that might just be realism at work.

The advantage as a game of 4GW over nonviolence is that the outputs are so much easier to quantify.

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