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Progressive Scan

Original entry posted: Mon Jul 23 20:54:40 2012

Brinstar @ Mon Jul 23 20:31:02 2012 EST

I definitely think progress has been made in the game culture space. I've never seen sexism or other -isms in games discussed as widely as it is these days. While there are still a lot of entrenched mindsets, the discourse is more visible in more places. It's getting better for sure. Sometimes I miss being part of the conversation because I'm not blogging much anymore, but I think it's probably time to let new voices have their say.

Thomas @ Tue Jul 24 10:43:42 2012 EST

I agree about the new voices. I actually think it's super refreshing to hear from smart new people instead of the same people every time, especially since the professional writers always seem to be on a revolving door between different tech/gaming sites.

Plus, I'm also really happy for people like you and Corvus who have moved on to doing something in the industry that you really like instead of just blogging. We need more of that, too.

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