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Original entry posted: Thu Dec 10 03:22:22 2009

Matt @ Thu Dec 10 09:28:34 2009 EST

I checked out your copy of Beatles Rock Band while we were watching Neko on Saturday. I think a good example is the difference between the opening sequence of that game and everything else. I prefer the animation to the glassy eyed freaks. Didn't you write about that?

Thomas @ Thu Dec 10 10:24:36 2009 EST

I didn't write about it here, but I've probably talked about it before. That's another great example, because all of the between-level movies they created are such a brilliant combination of hand-drawn animation and computer graphics. I could watch those all day.

Harmonix went as stylized as they probably could, given the engine they had available. It would have been nice to have toon-shading to match the cinematics, but I didn't mind their versions of the Fab Four that much--maybe because if you're busy playing, you don't really have time to watch them sing.

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