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Original entry posted: Thu Jul 16 18:53:17 2009

Jeff @ Thu Jul 16 14:45:03 2009 EST

Hi Thomas,

I am writing you this comment to let you know that I agree with the strange use of the word "crippled" in 'Fallout 3'.

Cheers, mate.


Thomas @ Thu Jul 16 14:50:56 2009 EST


That Fuzzy Bastard @ Thu Jul 16 15:11:47 2009 EST

I'm not 100% up on disability issues either, but "crippled" strikes me as pretty harmless. As you say, "a cripple" is very different from "crippled", just like calling someone "jewish" doesn't hurt the ear the way calling someone "a jew" would.

It also does seem like the best word to describe the condition, which is, in game terms: "this limb is so damaged that tasks that require it will be performed poorly". "Hobble" doesn't apply to arms; "maimed" implies cosmetic, rather than functional damage; "wrecked" doesn't convey much specific meaning at all. "Defenestrated" is just wrong, albeit fun, though I would be happy to see it come up in Tenpenny Tower.

What's kind of funny, actually, is that you aren't fully "crippled"---you can still walk, or shoot, just more slowly. Which is why saying "you are paraplegic" wouldn't work either, though that would be an interesting mod.

Thomas @ Thu Jul 16 15:21:40 2009 EST

But is "crippled" really appropriate to all limbs either? Can your head be crippled? Your chest? Besides, the game doesn't tell you (outside of the PIP-Boy) that a specific limb has been injured. I'm pretty sure it just says "You are crippled."

My copy was a 7GB download on Steam. For that much disk space, they could have spared room for a few extra strings, in my opinion. It's probably not a big deal from the standpoint of causing offense, but I still think it was an awkward choice.

Jeff @ Thu Jul 16 16:25:35 2009 EST

Sorry. I had to do it. I do agree with you that it does sound awkward. To me, "injured" seems like an obvious choice.

Brinstar @ Fri Jul 17 01:24:28 2009 EST

It sounds a little odd odd. As an able-bodied person, I don't feel qualified to speak as to whether it is insensitive to people with disabilities. Whether it is may even depend from person to person as well.

*resisting temptation to sign my name*

Thomas @ Fri Jul 17 08:22:45 2009 EST

Indeed. I had more written and then I erased it, since it's not my place to speak for the community or any given individual on whether or not it crosses a line. I just thought it was too interesting to not comment at all.

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