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That Old Magic

Original entry posted: Tue Apr 24 22:28:49 2007

Panda McGee @ Fri Apr 20 12:54:44 2007 EST

Magic: The Gathering, eh?

Must. Bite. Tongue.

Thomas @ Fri Apr 20 12:57:33 2007 EST

Quiet, you.

That Fuzzy Bastard @ Tue Apr 24 10:11:29 2007 EST

Actually, they seem to have done a pretty good job of making the harder games yield more rewarding cards. Obviously the whole silver/gold high score thing is designed to encourage mastery of a given minigame for the sake of more cards, which I think is a pretty neat system for inspiring (and rewarding) more intensive play.

As for other CCG games---aren't there a few hundred of those for the DS in Japan? I thought one of the Ydrigga games was all about that. Also there's an SNK card-battle game a'comin'. But you're right, it is a perfect application of the DS.

Thomas @ Tue Apr 24 11:01:19 2007 EST

I saw the other day that SNK Vs. Capcom is coming out. I've also heard that it's a little broken, and there's no wifi play.

I was hoping the common cards would be the most powerful ones in CT. The idea in Magic was that you could build a workable deck on the cheap, because the rares were mainly good for specialty applications, I thought.

That Fuzzy Bastard @ Tue Apr 24 18:28:49 2007 EST

Well, having the most common be the most powerful makes sense when you have to buy the cards with money, but the opposite makes sense when you're buying them with time (and skill). The idea in CT is that if you get better at the minigames, and explore more of the world, you'll get more and better cards, and can thrill to the whimpering of a boss defeated by your CARDS OF FURY!!!

This makes sense---it's a widely accepted game convention that if you do more world exploration, you'll get better stuff. It's actually kind of interesting to note: We're repulsed by the idea that someone with more money has an advantage in a game (which is why M;TG doesn't have snazzier cards at a higher price), but take it as perfectly natural---even a sign of good design---that someone with more skill, or more time to practice, is better. I'm not saying that's wrong, or even arbitrary---it makes a fair amount of intuitive sense---but I think you're right to note that this makes the process of card acquisition very different in CT than in M:TG (which is to say, in RL).

Thomas @ Tue Apr 24 23:13:01 2007 EST


The fact that many of the minigames make me want to claw my eyes out does not help.

On the other hand, the premium cards do seem to be balanced in that they require lots of CP to be used effectively, and are vulnerable to scrub decks made from basic cards.

That Fuzzy Bastard @ Wed Apr 25 00:54:01 2007 EST

Ah, well, yeah, then there's that.

I'm actually enjoying most of the minigames. The blowing games are a little annoying, especially now that I've upgraded to a DS Lite with the mic in the middle (a truly terrible decision on Nintendo's part---it makes a lot of DS games broken in terms of mic use). But yeah, if you hate the minigames, then a game that insists you play the minigames will not be welcome.

So, has Chocobo Tales now produced Mile Zero's longest comment thread?

Thomas @ Wed Apr 25 08:22:17 2007 EST

They're not all bad. The only ones I really hate are the Bomber Wall and the two games based entirely on luck.

I found that blowing directly onto the bottom screen of the DS Lite would hit the microphone's sweetspot.

Actually, I think my longest comment threads were either A) the one where the dim, washed-up remnants of some band I panned showed up to have a reunion in the comment space, B) making fun of Chris Crawford, and C) when I imported my DS Lite. Some of the threads back when I had my own troll were pretty long. But I'm too lazy to run a find command and verify any of this.

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