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We Will Lead Them into the Day

Original entry posted: Tue Jan 8 04:39:59 2008

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Thu Jan 10 21:04:20 2008Ah, god, I loved SS2! Among it's many accomplishments, the scariest first 20 minutes ever ("MuaaahhhHHHHH KILL MEEEEEE!"), *and* the best villain voice ever (I've ripped off the multitracked "voice of SHODAN" trick in several productions). Also the first game to use the device that Bioshock uses extensively, where the monsters overheard speech is deliberately innocuous, to make their menace that much more, er, menacing. The nursebots soft, pleasant voices will haunt my nightmares forever.

Didn't know Bioshock still had DRM issues on the PC---I thought that had been fixed? Ah well, it'll be one to play when you get a 360. Oh, and you will---I got mine in November, and it's been a terrific system. XBLA, in particular, is a delight---an endless supply of fun little games, at very reasonable prices. I also hugely appreciate the downloadable demos, which have both convinced me to buy a number of games, and also convinced me *not* to buy quite a few.

And yeah, Rock Band does indeed seem to be a well-deserved hit. It's not outselling Guitar Hero 3, mostly because GH3 is cheaper, and out for the PS2 and Wii, but I think RB has a much brighter future, especially once they start making guitar-only and drum-only bundles. Harmonix has stuck to their 3-songs-a-week promise, so it's going to have much longer legs, and as much fun as Guitar Hero is, Rock Band is two-to-four times as fun. I'm most thrilled by the roleplaying people get into when they play it---even more than Guitar Hero, everyone loves to suddenly joke about "hey, my girlfriend thinks you should give my songs more of a chance" and yelling "don't break up the band" when someone wants a break. The intuitiveness of the drums helps quite a bit, I think---while the guitars still make people a little self-conscious about playing with toys, the drums feel like they're actually teaching you the drums, which is immediately satisfying even for non-rockers.

That Fuzzy Bastard @ Tue Jan 8 07:20:21 2008 EST

Did you play Invisible War on the Xbox, or the PC? I started it on Xbox (the original Deus Ex, played on a Mac, was one of my favorite games ever), but the constant load times made it unplayable. But maybe that was better on the PC?

Thomas @ Tue Jan 8 07:33:38 2008 EST

I played it on the PC, during one of my Steam binges. It's something like $20 for the pair, so it's a pretty good deal.

There are still a lot of load times, but they're not so bad, especially on a modern PC--I understand it was a beast on contemporary machines, though. I didn't think they were any worse than the original game, which also had its share.

That Fuzzy Bastard @ Wed Jan 9 10:53:54 2008 EST

Hunh---well that's good. And I imagine that being entirely installed, rather than loading from disc (as the Xbox version did) would help too.

I'm now about halfway through Bioshock, and enjoying it greatly. I dunno that anything in it is as great as the first half hour (which is freakin' incredible), but I'm enjoying it greatly.

Have logged about 15 hours in Rock Band so far. Can already tell that this, especially with the constant flood of downloadable content, is going to be the most-played game this year.

But perhaps if I get the time, I'll install System Shock 2 in my Boot Camp partition. Been meaning to do that...

Thomas @ Wed Jan 9 11:49:12 2008 EST

I never got very far in System Shock 2. It frustrated me for a great number of reasons. I might reload it on the old laptop--I'm not going to deal with the SecuROM protection on the Thinkpad, if I can help it. Likewise, I suspect I'll only play Bioshock if I get a 360, or if they patch the Sony code out of it.

Went to a party the other night, and everyone was talking about Rock Band. It seems to be the big underground hit of the season, according to my anecdotal evidence.

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