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Original entry posted: Fri Jun 5 17:31:03 2009

That Fuzzy Bastard @ Tue Jun 9 13:01:39 2009 EST

I'm in a similar boat on Disgaea DS---was hoping it would continue scratching the SRPG itch that Valkyrie Profile DS so effectively roused, but so far, I'm sort of bowled over (in a bad way) by the intense overworld mechanics but not convinced that the actual moment-to-moment gameplay is as deep as I'd like.

But I suspect that may just be a matter of presentation---it introduces you to systems in a very lumpy, badly-paced way, and I suspect I'd feel much more warmly to it if it didn't throw the Council, the Item World, the Hospital and the Shop all at me at once, even though all seem interesting (the Council business seems like a really amusing mechanic, if I can ever figure it out). But one nice thing about the DS is that it makes it really easy to push ahead in 15-minute subway-ride increments (the need to sit down and grind has driven me away from many a console RPG). So I'll definitely push forward some... just as soon as I'm not playing Chinatown Wars all the time...

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