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Original entry posted: Wed Apr 30 00:54:03 2008

Chris P @ Tue Apr 29 23:53:03 2008 EST

You should make this a Facebook application! It would be so cool to have this on my profile. Yes, I am dead serious .

pseudonymous @ Wed Apr 30 15:22:18 2008 EST

Is there a way to make it start over without refreshing the page?

"NAKED vigilantes!"

pseudonymous @ Wed Apr 30 15:26:23 2008 EST

It needs a pause function and more conversations. I've already cycled through them all.

Thomas @ Wed Apr 30 15:45:07 2008 EST

The conversations are just in XML: LINK! If you make one, I'll add it.

Thomas @ Wed Apr 30 18:04:34 2008 EST

Chris, I actually spent a while today figuring out if I could. I'd have to look into it some more. If it's possible, I'd decouple the XML file from hardcoding and pull it from an argument in the URL, so people could add their own. But I'm not entirely sure where to start with Facebook.

I did the whole thing in FlashDevelop, which is free. If you wanted to take a crack at it, I could send you the source.

Chris P @ Wed Apr 30 22:55:07 2008 EST

I am not the best programmer in the world; however, I did find an article that might be useful:

Learn How to Make Facebook Applications

Facebook is a great place to showcase mini-applications because even marginally popular widgets have hundreds of thousands of users. If the user base gets large enough, one can even sell advertising within the widget.

BTW, it's something that I am looking into business wise....

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