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Difficulty Spike

Original entry posted: Thu Nov 2 10:12:29 2006

Corvus @ Thu Nov 2 05:12:29 2006 EST

Took you a week to give up on Killer 7? I'm impressed. It took me about... an hour? Maybe an hour and a half.

I knew if the first hour was that poorly communicated to the player, then the subsequent game was going to be impossible to enjoy.

Glad I didn't spend a lot of money on it.

Thomas @ Thu Nov 2 09:00:39 2006 EST

Actually, I quite liked it for that week. And the GameFAQS summary does sound kind of intriguing. But I just couldn't see myself toiling through the game parts of it solely for the enjoyable story parts, especially when I've got a whole shelf of other discs to spin.

It has its ups and downs. I figure that if I come down with a really terrible flu and have to stay in bed for a few days, I'll struggle through either that or Final Fantasy X.

ThatFuzzyBastard @ Fri Nov 3 11:53:18 2006 EST

So where are you stuck in Psychonauts? I did take the occasional GameFaqs jaunt for puzzle-solving (I'm pretty intolerant of hard puzzles, though, unless I'm playing Myst), but didn't find any of the gameplay that hard...

Thomas @ Fri Nov 3 12:57:38 2006 EST

I got stuck in the Milkman Conspiracy. It wasn't obvious that I needed to walk through the smaller gate, instead of just jumping over it. Just one of those things.

The gameplay itself hasn't been hard, although I also think it's not very good at letting you know when certain abilities will work--will Levitation get me up to a certain point, for example? It's not always clear to me when I'm doing something wrong, and when I'm just not doing it quite right.

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