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Master of Unlocking

Original entry posted: Fri Sep 21 18:22:55 2007

Corvus @ Fri Sep 21 10:38:44 2007 EST

I'm giving Corruption one more play session before sending it back to Gamefly. I'm on the last stage of the first world.

I want to like it. I feel I ought to like it...

but I don't.

Thomas @ Fri Sep 21 11:14:56 2007 EST

That's usually how I feel about all the Prime games. I should be crazy about them, but I could really kind of care less.

Brinstar @ Fri Sep 21 15:58:59 2007 EST

I didn't finish Metroid Prime 2. I have, I think, 2 keys left to find out of the 9 billion you need to unlock the various whatevers. See, it doesn't end with those three keys they initially require. There are more! It got tedious.

Thomas @ Mon Sep 24 06:53:03 2007 EST

You could always just watch the endings on YouTube. I think that's what I ended up doing for the first one.

Especially since there was no way I was going to get the 100% rush ending.

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