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The Joy of Mouselook

Original entry posted: Mon Dec 8 21:57:59 2008

Matt @ Tue Dec 9 11:11:33 2008 EST

You know, Shadowrun on Live mixes both PC and XBox players (well, if people still play it, it does). I never felt at a disadvantage playing against people using a mouse. In fact, I died a lot less in Shadowrun than in games like Halo 3, Gears or Rainbow Six Vegas. If I remember correctly, there's an achievement for taking down a certain number of PC players.

One thing that always annoys me about playing games with a mouse is when you occasionally reach the edge of your pad and you have to lift and readjust. You don't get that with a trackball or a thumbstick. If you build a controller with a trackball, I'll buy one.

Thomas @ Tue Dec 9 11:43:33 2008 EST

You didn't have a problem in Shadowrun because they nerfed the mouse and added auto-aim to the thumbstick.

If you're having to pick the mouse up all the time, you've got your sensitivity set too low. It should only happen rarely.

Matt @ Wed Dec 10 09:45:10 2008 EST

Interesting. He does point out that console players also did better because of easier access to the "abilities," a large part of what makes combat in Shadowrun fun. If you ran around just shooting, you wouldn't last long.

I would've loved an explanation as to why they only shipped with a handful of maps and what turned out to be a broken matchmaking system that had to be patched later. Whatever.

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