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A Half-pint of Disoriented Atomic Matter

Original entry posted: Tue Mar 20 20:35:27 2007

Josh @ Tue Mar 20 16:35:27 2007 EST

The "buddy code" is actually the least of my problems with the system - the other examples you raise are more egregious.

And it's a shame because it could really prove to be an Achille's heel for Nintendo once efforts like Sony Home get out there. Networking socially in games should be part of the "Wii" concept ... and a big one at that.

Sadly I think a global buddy list and buddy message system would go a long way to solving the problems. Course, I haven't played Metroid in a good while, so I don't know how bad cheating has gotten.

Thomas @ Tue Mar 20 16:55:42 2007 EST

I think it's clear that Nintendo still believes that the Internet is a fad, and most people really want to play in physically present groups. Whether or not this is actually the case is debateable. I like having the option to play Mario Kart with Belle across the room, but not all of my friends are still local (hello, Brinstar!) and even then they weren't always close by.

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